On the occasion of Easter, the greatest Christian holiday, HRH Crown Prince Alexander sent his warmest congratulations to the believers who celebrate it according to the Gregorian calendar:

“The biggest holiday of the Christian world, Easter is celebrated today, differently than in previous years since the whole world is fighting the virus pandemic.

I wish to praise governments, doctors, nurses, hospitals and health workers for their continued dedication in saving so many lives.

I extend my warmest congratulations to all believers who celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to the Gregorian calendar. For Christians, Easter is the most important holiday. This is a special and holy time of the year! We rejoice celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ today, reflecting on his life and teachings on generosity, tolerance, compassion and forgiveness! I wish you to spend this great feast in health, peace, happiness and tranquility. Christ is risen!” Said Crown Prince Alexander in his letter of congratulations.