HRH Crown Prince Alexander attended today the opening of a refurbished old school in Karadjordje’s Town as well as the exhibition “Archeological Treasures of the Cyprus Museum” in Topola, Serbia.

His Royal Highness officially opened the school that was originally built and established by his ancestors in Old Karadjordje’s Town, and His Excellency Mr. Demetrios Theophylactou, the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus opened the exhibition. The event was also attended by TRH Prince Mihailo, Princess Ljubica, and Princess Isidora, Mr. Vladimir Radojkovic, President of the Municipality of Topola, Mr. Dragan Jovanovic, MP from Topola, and many citizens of this beautiful town in Central Serbia. The refurbishing of the school as well as the event itself was organized by the Club of the University Students of Topola, and its members on this occasion held a presentation for the guests of Topola and Sumadija as wine region and tourist destination.

“This school, as well as the entire Karadjordje’s Town, and Topola itself, are important witnesses of past times. People are often focused only on the military and statehood tradition of my ancestors, and it is often forgotten how much Karadjordjevics were focused on education. It is something I am very proud of – the fact that the importance of education was recognized and strongly supported by my ancestors. This school reminds us very well of that part of our history, of their legacy. We are obliged to keep monuments like this, to preserve them.

The beautiful exhibition that we will all see today also keeps the memory of the past, same as the school. It is very symbolic that here, in the heart of Šumadija, where the history of Serbia is strongly kept, we will all learn more about the past of our friendly and brotherly country of Cyprus”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

Today’s building of the old school in Topola was built on the site of the old Karađorđe’s school (originally made of wood), from the time of the First Serbian Uprising, within the Karadjorjde’s town. Club of the University Students of Topola is using the premises for their activities, focused on animation and education of young people, as well as the promotion of Topola and the entire Šumadija region.

The Cyprus Museum preserves archaeological treasures from all chronological periods and cultures that have developed on the island over the centuries. The collections are continuously supplemented with works of art and other objects found in ongoing excavations carried out by the Ministry of Antiquities, as well as numerous foreign archaeological missions. Those unique items make up a mosaic of the distant past, and a part of these collections was presented today in Topola.