A unique voice for entrepreneurship and innovation in Serbia

The Royal Council for Entrepreneurship was launched last week following a Memorandum of Understanding signed by its founding members tonight and the reception at The Royal Palace. The Council has been created to enable better coordination and collaboration between the leading organizations that are active in the development of entrepreneurialism and innovation in Serbia.   

Relying on the expertise and aggregate knowledge and experience of its founders, the Council will operate under the aegis of the Royal Palace with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II acting as its Patron.

The principle aims of the Council’s mission are to facilitate coordination and collaboration among Serbia’s leading organizations involved in the development and support of entrepreneurship and innovation.  

The Royal Council for Entrepreneurship will provide a single voice to the media, the Serbian government and industry regarding the needs of investors and opportunities available to them.

The founding members of the Council are the Serbian Private Equity Association (SPEA), the Serbian Business Angels Network (SBAN), the Innovation Fund, the Business Technology Incubator of the Technical Faculties of Belgrade (BITF), Serbian Venture Network  (SeVeN – Belgrade Venture Forum), SEE ICT and Startup Weekend Belgrade.