Young Serbian entrepreneurs presented their ideas and companies to the Europe’s largest and most successful seed fund accelerator – Seedcamp – in The Royal Palace today and competed for the investment. Seedcamp first visit to Serbia was organised by SEE ICT in partnership with Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for Education.

Seedcamp event is a huge step for our community. This will help galvanise the local startup scene even further, and hopefully get some local companies in the Seedcamp family and the great network they have around the world.

Seedcamp invests in about 20 startups globally annually. Besides funding, the chosen startups receive 3 months of office space at Google Campus London, €150.000 (Euros) worth of services in our Founders’ Pack (that startups would otherwise be spending money on), weekly office hours with the Seedcamp team, monthly learning days that keep them connected well beyond 3-months of co-location, and a 4-week mentoring tour of the United States.

Tech-entrepreneurship is a style of business leadership based on the process of identifying high-potential, technology-intensive business opportunities, investing time and knowledge and managing rapid growth using principled, real-time decision-making skills.

In Serbia the tech startup scene is rising fast, with companies that were built from nothing by young enthusiastic founders who are now global leaders in their own fields, such as foe example Nordeus, A51 and Prelovac Media.

One of Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for Education goals is to strengthen entrepreneurial opportunities in Serbia. After a successful Startup Weekend which gathered more than 150 startup enthusiasts and was focused mainly on attracting new people to become entrepreneurs, The Royal Palace is the host for those already working on their entrepreneurial experience. “Our dream is for people to have a job or own a company in Serbia,” said HRH Crown Prince Alexander “It is time for all of us to unite and make this happen! I invite investors throughout the world to come to Serbia and see the lucrative opportunities and brilliant minds we have”.

SEE ICT is a young, Belgrade based innovation support non-profit that contributes to the creation and development of a vibrant environment for growth of startups, startup culture and community in Serbia and the whole South-East Europe region. The organization has contributed to the development of the local startup ecosystem in the past three years by organising educational and networking events on a monthly basis, putting up the first regional startup conference in 2011 and mentoring young Serbian entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of every successful economy. Besides contributing highly to a country’s GDP, small and middle enterprises are more innovative and flexible and tend to employ more young people, which is very important for our country, since youth is 1/3 of the unemployed in Serbia.