Traditional manifestation “Children Easter Magic”, the largest children’s event in Serbia for the greatest Christian holiday, which is under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander since 2006, started today for the 24th time with the painting of Easter eggs and continues tomorrow with the exhibition of the most beautiful children Easter works.

The opening of the manifestation was attended by His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia Porfirije, who delivered his blessings for the manifestation. Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, due to obligations abroad, could not attend the beginning of manifestation in Princess Ljubica’s Home in Belgrade, but the greeting letter from Crown Prince was read. The Royal Couple is very pleased that the children, as part of the program, on the first day of manifestation also visited their home, the Royal Palace, and received gifts for the upcoming Easter.

“It is always a pleasure to support our dear children for the most significant manifestation of the youngest organized for the greatest and most joyful Christian holiday in our country.

We are both very happy that the children visited our family home, the Royal Palace, and received our gifts. The joy is even greater knowing that the little ones from our holy land, Kosovo and Metohija, are among visitors and are participating in this wonderful manifestation, together with their friends from all parts of Serbia, the Republic of Srpska and the Balkan region.

The fact that this manifestation goes beyond the borders of our country, when we see all these beautiful children – how they jointly participate in this event, paint eggs, how they play together, all in the expectance of the most important holiday and the greatest day that occurred in mankind history – the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is a reminder for all of us grownups how we should live and act every day, that we are all children of God and that we should disregard the borders between us and all the differences, but work together, united, for the greater good.

It is a reminder of Christ’ holy words, that brings warmth into our hearts and which are as strong today, as they were when He said them almost 2 millenniums ago, that we should all try to be like children. Because we are all His children. If we every day remind ourselves about that, we will create a better world for all – world of tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness! And above all and most importantly – the world of love! Because, as our great Despot Stefan Lazarević said, quoting Saint John the Theologian – God is called love! And love is the essence of everything.”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander in his letter.

This beautiful event is organized this year for the 24th time, and its patrons are also the Patriarch of Serbian Orthodox Church (beginning with late Patriarchs Pavle and Irinej, and now His Holiness Patriarch Porfirije) and the City of Belgrade. It started during the NATO Aggression in 1999, with a desire to continue the tradition of children socializing for Easter, and also to give them hope in a time of war. It continued in the following years, becoming the largest children’s manifestation for Easter in Serbia.