On the meeting of the Advisory Bodies of the Crown, which was held today at the Royal Palace, members of the Privy Council and the Crown Council, acknowledged and warmly welcomed the decision made by the Head of the Royal Family of Serbia, HRH Crown Prince Alexander, which is unanimously recognized as very good, of great importance, and crucial for the future of the Karadjordjevic dynasty.

All present were rejoiced to hear that HRH Crown Prince Alexander, based on the provisions of the Family Regulations and other current legal acts, decided that the Thatched House building in the Palace Complex in Dedinje, Belgrade, will be used exclusively for housing of his sons, HRH Hereditary Prince Filip, HRH Prince Peter, and HRH Prince Alexander, with members of their closest families. “We would like to praise HRH Crown Prince Alexander for the wisdom expressed in this decision, as it is crucial for the future of the Karadjordjevic dynasty, and of course our homeland. The Royal family is one of the most important symbols of our state, our tradition, our history, and also our pledge for the future. For the first time in history, we have three generations of Karadjordjevic at the same place and at the same time. This is a true blessing for our people, and a symbol of stability, unity, and continuity”, was stated jointly by Privy and Crown Council members.

As the Crown Prince is the Head of the Royal Family and President of the Advisory Bodies of the Crown, these kinds of decisions are in his sole competence and mandatory for all members of the Royal family, so they are not voted on at the meetings of the Crown Council, but they are acknowledged and discussed by members how to most efficiently support their implementation.

The advisors were also informed about the upcoming baptism of HRH Princess Maria, the daughter of Hereditary Prince Philip and Princess Danica, which will be held at the Royal Church of Saint Andrew the First Called, with an accompanying reception in the Royal Palace. The little Princess will be baptized by His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Porfirije.

Also, at this meeting the Advisory Bodies accepted the minutes from the previous meeting, held on 29 February 2024, in which the change in line of succession of the Royal Family of Serbia was acknowledged, stating: “The Privy Council and the Crown Council have taken note that as a result of the voluntary abdication of HRH Hereditary Prince Peter, his brother HRH Prince Filip is the indisputable Hereditary Prince, based on the principle of primogeniture, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and the Family Regulations for members of the Royal House of Karađorđevic”. T

Advisory Bodies of the Crown once again emphasized that they will continue providing every support needed to HRH Crown Prince Alexander and the Royal Family of Serbia.