TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine hosted last night at the White Palace a gala concert performed by BeoBalet choir. It was held under the patronage of the HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Culture and Education for the third consecutive time.

The main theme and inspiration for this year’s concert was found in the quotation of the great Goethe: ”The greatest human always remains a child” (Der grösste Mensch bleibt stets ein Menschenkind), and the occasion was World Children’s Day, which was marked last week on 1 June. This event was also honouring the 15th anniversary of the BeoBalet children’s choir.

The love for culture, art, and music at this concert brought together children from Serbia, Slovenia, Brazil, France, China, Russia etc. Members of the BeoBalet children’s choir from all these countries, very talented musical and singing ballerinas, made the evening special, showing that music and art have an indisputable influence and importance on children, on their upbringing, development, and education, as well as that art and love are the best teachers. Together with Their Royal Highnesses, the event was attended by many other distinguished guests from the spheres of business, art, culture, and the public life of Serbia.

”Children are the future of the world we all live in, and we owe it to them, but also to the entire mankind, to help them and support them on their path; to make it easier for them, so they can have a childhood as they deserve – carefree and cheerful. All children worldwide deserve to live in a good and safe environment, with their rights honoured. Also, by teaching them the real and proper values, we are ensuring the future I mentioned.

When we see them all tonight, how they all together enjoy the music, they are sending a huge message to us adults. These children come from different countries and nations, and they are so happy and cheerful being together, one next to each other. Compare that to the world we live in, all the wars and conflicts, and it will be clear that we should look up to the young ones”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander in his addressing, wishing the children to follow their dreams, and always be kind to each other, respecting and cherishing culture, music, and education, and also always happy and smiling.

June 1 was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1954 as World Children’s Day. On this day, events are held all over the world with the aim of organizing gatherings of children. In addition, this day aims to draw public attention to the obligations of society towards children as well as the current problems facing children.

BeoBalet Choir was created with the intention of introducing children to the great magic and magical energy that it carries, but also to affirm quality children’s music by domestic and foreign artists. The choir’s repertoire includes the most beautiful children’s songs, well-known domestic and foreign pop and rock hits, as well as traditional songs from all over the world. The children of BeoBalet have an authentic musical journey with which they travel through time and different countries around the world.