As the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Resolution on Srebrenica, HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia issued the following statement, condemning the actions which can only cause new divisions and tensions as a result:

“As the unfortunate and damaging Resolution on Srebrenica was passed in the UN General Assembly today, one can ask oneself what the true point of such a document is – is it really respecting the victims and their suffering or reopening old wounds and deepening divisions between people and nations. I strongly condemn all actions that lead to increasing tensions and unrightful stigmatization of the Serbian people, which, I fear, will unfortunately be the result of this Resolution.

When we speak about the terrible events from our past, it is never easy to face horrible crimes that occurred, to be objective and fair regarding these atrocities, which were committed by individuals from all conflicting parties of the 1990s wars of succession in ex-Yugoslavia. The only way to face these crimes properly, pay respect to all innocent victims and let their tortured souls find the peace they deserve is by sincerely facing the notorious occurrences, objectively accepting, and acknowledging what happened, to make sure that something like that will never happen again, that the future will bring times of understanding, mutual respect, and tolerance.

The Resolution adopted today does not lead towards such times. Serbs are not and were never nor will be a genocidal people. Those who have ordered and implemented the terrible crimes that were committed in Srebrenica and all other places of suffering in the 1990s wars deserve every punishment and condemnation, but to say that only one side committed genocide is contrary and insulting to the truth. It also makes a difference between the victims, acting like some of them are more worthy and have been tormented more than others. It is wrong!  Victims are victims, suffering is suffering, regardless of nationality, religion, or any other classification. And I repeat, the Serbs are not and never will be a genocidal people! What would happen if we started opening old wounds of our people, which are countless, would it add up to peace, prosperity and a stable future not only to the Balkans but to the world, as a common and mutual goal we all wish to achieve?