TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine traditionally celebrate the Christmas holidays at their home, the Royal Palace in Belgrade. On the Day Before Christmas morning (Serbian “Badnje jutro”), HRH Crown Prince Alexander cut the Yule log, honouring the centuries-old tradition of the Serbian people, and brought it in front of the Royal Palace.

During the time of the Kingdom, the King was always welcoming Yule Log at the Palace, which was brought to him by a regiment of soldiers from all branches of the Army. To bring the oak tree to the Palace was always a special honour for the officers and soldiers.

Christmas Eve (Serbian “Badnje veče“) was marked by another beautiful Serbian tradition, the burning of the Yule log in front of the Royal Palace, which was blessed by priests Mihailo Rapajic and Panayotis Karatasios. Members of the Crown Council, Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Culture and Education, Royal Medical Board, members of the Kingdom of Serbia Association, which is under the Crown Prince’s patronage, and many other friends of the Royal family were also present on this occasion.

The burning of the Yule log was followed by a traditional reception for all those present at the Royal Palace. The Crown Princess Katherine served the guests hot brandy and wine, beverages which have customarily been prepared for this evening, and together with Crown Prince Alexander hosted the gathering.

Their Royal Highnesses once again expressed their wish that all people worldwide who celebrate Christmas tomorrow have good health, much love, and prosperity, and that each Orthodox and Christian home is a source of peace, warmth, and love.

The Royal family once again wishes Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all citizens of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska with the traditional Christmas greeting “Peace of God, Christ is born!”