His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander extends his congratulations to all members of the Army of Serbia on their Day today.

“I congratulate all members of the armed forces of our homeland on their holiday – the Day of the Serbian Army! On 23 April 1815, the Second Serbian Uprising against the Turkish government began in Takovo under the leadership of Voivode Milos Obrenovic, and in memory of that event, our glorious Army marks this date as its day.

Members of our Army have shown many times that our people and state can always rely on them.

The Army has always been the pride of our country. From the old days of the First and Second Serbian Uprising, when the first organized forms of armed force appeared, until today, members of all its branches have successfully performed the entrusted tasks and built the reputation of their country with high professionalism. I am convinced that it will continue to be so.

The history of my family and our Army is inextricably linked and intertwined.

I wish all members of the Serbian Army good luck and success in the years to come, with the desire to continue to successfully perform their tasks for the benefit of our country and all its citizens.

Long live our Army, long live Serbia!” said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.