His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander, accompanied by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine, Mr Dusan Babac, member of the Privy Council, Prof. Dr Bragoljub Kavran, Mr Predrag Markovic and Mr Darko Spasic, members of the Crown Council, laid a wreath at the monument to Prince Milos Obrenovic in Belgrade, on the occasion of today’s religious holiday Palm Sunday, since it was on this holiday exactly 200 years ago in 1815 Serbian headmen (“knezovi”) gathered in Takovo and asked Milos Obrenovic to be the leader of the uprising, which he accepted.

The Crown Prince on this occasion said: “Honouring Prince Milos Obrenovic today, we pay homage to Serbian history and magnificent efforts of our forefathers to establish the modern Serbian state. The Second Serbian Uprising, which was initiated on Palm Sunday in 1815, gave immeasurable contribution to achieving this goal, continuing the path of Serbia and the Serbian people to freedom, which was started by my great ancestor Karadjordje. Today, we have to continue that way, without divisions, boldly and decisively, respecting our ancestors and thinking about the future of our descendants. Glory and praise to Prince Milos Obrenovic and all the participants of the Second Serbian Uprising”- said Crown Prince Alexander.

Professor Dragoljub Kavran, member of the Crown Council, HRH Crown Prince Alexander, Mr. Predrag Markovic, member of the Crown Council, and Mr. Dusan Babac, member of the Privy Council in front of the monument to Prince Milos  HRH Prince Alexander laying a wreath for Prince Milos Obrenovic Crown Prince Alexander's wreath in memory and respect of Prince Milos Obrenovic