HRH Crown Prince Alexander sent the following message regarding International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is marked worldwide on 27 January since 2005, by the United Nations General Assembly decision:

“On this day, when we are remembering the victims of one of the greatest evils that had struck mankind in its history – the Holocaust – we should all take a moment to pay our respect to the millions of innocent people who died during World War II; we also think about those who survived the horrors of the concentration camps, as well as all the brave people who risked their lives to help those who were the targets of the Nazi’s madness.

By remembering these monstrosities, we are not only giving our respect to the innocent who have fallen by the inhumane rage that was leading Hitler and his collaborators, but we are also making sure that, by keeping the memory alive, these horrors will never be repeated.

At the same time, this day reminds us of the importance of respecting every individual’s right to live in freedom and every nation’s right to foster its culture and tradition. Suffering during World War II sent a message to all of us to contribute to the fight against violence, intolerance, and all forms of discrimination. Because, as the old saying reminds us so well, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

People of Serbia can be proud of our past – our ancestors stood up and fought against the evil that delivered the terrors of the Holocaust. These brave women and men gave their lives to resist the Nazis and fight against their terrible crimes. I often like to quote a book from 1941 called “A Nations fight for survival” – a view from the American Press, public and Government views, noting how brave the Yugoslav’s were, and also pointing out that Hitler was knocked off guard as he never expected anyone to defy him and how this contributed to winning the war. It quotes a speech, made by Leigh White in the Freedom House New York in 1941 – where the last sentence was “What an enormous debt to Yugoslavia; and I hope that we are all resolved to see that justice is done when victory is at hand. Yugoslavia committed national suicide for us. We owe Yugoslavia her resurrection.” This is also an important guide for us today.

Together, we must keep reminding ourselves and educating the young about the importance of respecting diversity and equality, opposing injustice and all kinds of prejudices, and building and preserving a society in which values that are against any form of extremism will have a special place”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.