For the upcoming International Roma Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 8 April, HRH Crown Prince Alexander sends his congratulations to all Roma people, together with a message that we all should work together for a better world, the one where prejudice and discrimination will not exist, but where all people will be equal.

On this occasion, HRH Crown Prince Alexander also sent his letter of support to the World Roma Federation, an international organization with special consultative status at the United Nations, and branch offices and member organizations in the United States of America, Canada, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Serbia. As announced by the management of the Federation, the United States of America will tomorrow for the first time participate in the flag-raising ceremony in the city of Chicago, where the World Roma Federation will be joined by political and public figures, as well as diplomats representing multiple countries. His Royal Highness sent them his support for their work and efforts on improving the position of the Roma people.

In his letter of support, HRH Crown Prince Alexander stated: ”Promoting social justice, social inclusion, and advocating for the protection of human rights is a highly valued cause, which is always important and needs every possible support, for the well-being and better tomorrow of all Roma worldwide, but also for a better future of our entire society.

Over the centuries, the Roma have shared the fate of the people in the areas where they lived, and unfortunately, they often face discrimination and prejudice, which is unimaginable and unacceptable to exist in a modern, progressive society. That is why it is necessary to continue and work even harder on improving the position of the Roma and to eradicate all forms of discrimination.

As the Crown Prince of Serbia, I feel the need to remind that many Romas have left an indelible mark on the history of our people. They have a long history in Serbia and its predecessor the state of Yugoslavia dating back to ancient times. We should never forget that during the twentieth century Roma, Serbs, and Jews shared the same fate in the Balkan region and were victims of a shared and joint genocide in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia.

Remembrance of the tragedies is important, so the crimes of the past are never repeated. It is also significant to remember shining examples of heroism and numerous contributions.

Unfortunately, regardless of their contribution, both historical and nowadays, there are still many Roma in Europe today, who are facing issues of obtaining citizenship, availability of educational opportunities, inadequate access to public health programs, and many other problems, which should not exist in the 21st century.

Therefore, on behalf of the Royal Family of Serbia, I once again wish you a very happy International Roma Day and I am sending the World Roma Federation my highest regards. Let us all work together for a better world, the one where prejudice and discrimination will not exist, but where all people will be equal.”

HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s complete letter will be available in the publications of the World Roma Federation.