For the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan, HRH Crown Prince Alexander sends his message to members of the Islamic Community.

“At the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan, I send a message to all members of the Islamic Community, with wishes to spend this month filled with additional patience, calmness, good thoughts, and compassion. This month of fasting, prayers, and purification should be a guide to clean ourselves from negative thoughts and acts and to support each other.

This is the time everybody should reflect on one’s own blessings and be grateful for them, but also to share these blessings with less fortunate ones. It is a time of renunciations, that reminds each person of faith how everyday pleasures of this world are transitory, while the true faith and love of God are everlasting. Gratefulness and togetherness in prayer will give great comfort to many across the world during this blessed month.

May these Ramadan days bring true spiritual values, harmony, and mutual understanding to all our homes. I wish you to spend this month in good health and prosperity, and to find strength and support to overcome each struggle that life brings us in family, friends, and faith”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander.