Children from Belgrade international schools, together with their teachers, have once again shown their support for children in need. After doing the same before Christmas, in December 2022, they once again joined the charity campaign for Easter “Children helping children”, which HRH Crown Princess Katherine started a long time ago.

This project is following Her Royal Highness’s determination and vision, that it is crucial to teach children at an early age the importance of the Joy of Giving, as well as to encourage them to bring their gifts to the Palace, to be given to their peers in need for the forthcoming Easter holidays.

Students of International Schools in Belgrade had an opportunity to learn much about the history of the Royal family of Serbia and its home, the Royal Complex, during the educational tour, and were greeted by HRH Crown Princess Katherine, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Betty Roumeliotis. Her Royal Highnesses besides greeting the children also spent time with them and talked about the importance of giving, and the children were very excited to meet in person a real Princess.

Pupils also brought gifts to the Palace, knowing that they will be delivered at traditional Easter receptions at the White Palace on Good Wednesday, 12 April 2023. Their Royal Highnesses every year traditionally welcome and bring joy to over one thousand orphans, children with special needs, and socially vulnerable children at these holiday receptions.

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine are very grateful for the support of the pupils and schools that generously joined the initiative to bring joy to the children in need: the German School in Belgrade, The British International School of Belgrade, and the International School “Rudjer Boskovic”.

“I strongly believe children should learn the Joy of Giving at an early age, like I was taught by my parents, who were a great example for me, and the best way for them to learn is through their own involvement. By doing so at a young age, they will become good people when they grow up.

I am so proud and grateful to all the wonderful children from international schools in Belgrade, and to their teachers and schools, who supported our charity project “Children helping children”. Although being so young, these children have shown that they have the awareness and compassion to help their peers in need and bring precious gifts for our orphans– the knowledge that they have not been forgotten and that they are loved”, stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine.