HRH Crown Prince Alexander sends his congratulations for the upcoming Easter to His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Porfirije, Bishops, clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and all Orthodox believers worldwide.

“To all Orthodox believers, I am sending my most joyful and sincere wishes for the most glorious holiday of them all – Easter!

The resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, brought salvation to the entire world. He had suffered, so that our sins could be atoned, and so that we could be saved, and that the final victory of life over death, of good over evil could occur.

Something that we should all remember each day of the year, not only during the holiday season is that God’s love towards His children is stronger than anything else in the world, it defeats everything, bringing joy and comfort to the people of faith. If we every day remind ourselves about that, and continue sharing that love among people, we will create a better world for all – a world of tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness! And above all and most importantly – the world of love! Because, as great medieval ruler of our people, Despot Stefan Lazarević said, quoting Saint John the Theologian – “God is called love!” And love is the essence of everything.

My family and I wish you to spend the holidays with your loved ones, in health, peace, and happiness. With the greatest joy, I am saying the words of our traditional greetings – “Christ is risen!”, said Crown Prince Alexander.