TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Kathrine attended today the solemn opening of the 7th National Congress with International Participation of Nurses and Medical Technicians “History of Nursing of the Republic of Serbia”, which took place in Metropol Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia, under the patronage and with the support of the Ministry of Health of Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Nurses and Medical Technicians.

Her Royal Highness with great pleasure accepted to be a member of the Honorary Board of this Congress, which is organized by the Association of Nurses and Technicians of the Clinical Center of Serbia – ”Nursing”. Crown Princess once again showed her support and appreciation for the very important role of nurses and technicians in the health system of every country, and she was proud to address the gathered people at the opening.

The opening ceremony was also attended by HE Prof. Dr. Danica Grujicic, Minister of Health of Serbia, Prof. Dr. Jovica Milovanovic, Deputy General Director of the University Clinical Center of Serbia, Prof. Dr. Lazar Davidovic, Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Belgrade University, Dr. Aleksandra Ognjanovic, Head of the Public Health Department of the Health Secretariat of the City of Belgrade, Mrs. Vesna Jocic, Director of the Chamber of Nurses and Health Technicians, and many others.

At the official opening, awards “Dobrila Pejovic” issued by “Nursing” Association were also delivered to laureates, together with recognitions for institutions and individuals who supported the work of Association. Some of the topics that this year’s Congress is dedicated to are: history through practice, work of professional organizations, education, and heroines of our time, and the plenary topic is nurses through song and poetry.

“During more than 22 years living in our country, I have visited many hospitals, met many of your colleagues, and saw very well the importance of your noble profession. This is the perfect time to stand proud and to pay respect to all of you, nurses and medical technicians, who are working tirelessly, while courageously facing the most difficult challenges. You are helping thousands of patients every day, showing both compassion and the highest level of dedication to your noble profession.

The role of nurses in healthcare, not only in our country, is often unjustly underestimated, while their contribution is often undervalued. Nevertheless, it is a well-known fact that the role of each of you is immeasurable and irreplaceable. An efficient, developed, and reliable medical system is one of the core pillars of every society, and nurses and technicians are the foundation of that system. As the heart keeps the body going, nurses are keeping the hospitals going; they are the heart and soul of each medical institution.

Thank you for everything you do for everybody who needs medical assistance. Thank you for your courage, dedication, and sacrifices, which is unique, as well as for your tireless care and love for all the patients. This Conference is a wonderful opportunity to go back in history and to remember the origins, organization, education, and work of heroes of your profession. But also, this is an opportunity to gain new valuable knowledge that will bring much benefit to the patients. Knowledge makes the difference in everything, and events like this represent an investment in a better future for our nursing, our health, and our country” said HRH Crown Princess Katherine in her speech.

Her Royal Highness also emphasized the importance of cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience among nurses, as a key factor in raising the quality of health care. Precisely for this reason, HRH Crown Princess Katherine established the Royal Nurses Board, which aims to provide support and encourage collaboration of nurses throughout our country in this important sector.