Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katherine, the representative of Serbian President Nikolic Professor Oliver Antic, Princess Katarina, Prince George, Prince, Michael (Prince Tomislav’s children), and Prince Vladimir (son of Prince Andrej) and Princess Brigitta, Mrs Alison Andrews (daughter of Crown Princess Katherine) and her sons Nicholas and Michael, the sister of Crown Princess Katherine Mrs Betty Roumeliotis were all present  for the Holy Liturgy and Memorial service in St. Andrew the First Called Royal Chapel in the Royal Compound in Dedinje this morning. 

In the Cathedral Church Princess Elizabeth joined Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine, Princess Katarina, Prince George, Prince Michael, Prince Vladimir and Princess Brigitta. 

After the service, remains of Their Majesties and His Royal Highness were escorted to The Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel. Bells at the Cathedral marked arrival of King and Queens and Prince, in the presence of Royal Family, state and city officials and great number of citizens. Members of Serbian Army Guard saluted them and brought coffin of HM King Peter II to the Cathedral Church, while men in Serbian National costumes from the Kingdom of Serbia Association brought in coffins of HM Queen Maria, HM Queen Alexandra and HRH Prince Andrej. Before them, members of the Privy Council, Mr. Dragomir Acovic and Mr. Dusan Babac, member of the Crown Council Prof. Dr. Nicholas Moravchevich, brought in pads with decorations, the Royal Order of Karadjordje star of HM King Peter II, Order of Saint Sava of HM Queen Alexandra, Royal Order of Karadjordje star of HM Queen Maria and Royal Order of Yugoslav Crown of HRH Prince Andrej.

The coffin of HM King Peter II was placed in the middle of the church, his mother HM Queen Maria to his right, his wife HM Queen Alexandra to his left, and HRH Prince Andrej to left to Queen Alexandra.

Coffins were placed of on the rug that HM Queen Maria and her husband HM King Alexander I bought for their wedding.

Then a Memorial Requiem was officiated by His Eminence Metropoliten Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral, His Grace Bishop Konstantin of Central Europe, and His Grace Vicar Bishop Jovan of Lipljan with the blessings of His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia.

After the service, citizens started to pay respect to the late King and the Queens. The Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel will be open till the evening. Tomorrow, on Saturday, May 25, after the Holy Liturgy that starts on 9 am and Requiem, at 11.30 am the remains of Their Majesties and His Royal Highness will be transferred to St. George Church in Oplenac where the Royal Family Mausoleum is located and they should arrive at 1 pm.

The State Funeral of Their Majesties King Peter II, Queen Alexandra and Queen Maria, and His Royal Highness Prince Andrej will start at 10 am on Sunday, 26 May, at the St. George Church in Oplenac.