Yesterday, in Serbia and in the world, the World Teachers’ Day was marked, which was proclaimed by the United Nations on 5 October 1994.

On this occasion, HRH Crown Princess Katherine sent a message: “My husband and I are grateful to the teaching staff and we are aware of how difficult it must be during the COVID-19 pandemic to share knowledge, with distance learning, different schedule etc. We must understand that teachers are very important in the life of every person. They are like our parents. Thanks to them, our children learn to work and make an effort, and their authority is very important during the process of a child’s maturing. Teachers pass on knowledge from generation to generation and enable the progress and preservation of every nation, and their good example is often adopted by youth and youth means so much to us. COVID-19 had an effect on the teachers and we wish that this is the last time this ever happened. By this time next year, I hope I will be able to write a different type of message. Aware of the importance of each teacher and the environment in which they work, my Foundation in Belgrade actively helps schools in Serbia and Republika Srpska with donations that improve working conditions of teachers and their students. Teachers are there to guide, support, inspire and teach us. A good teacher is a blessing for both the parent and the child. Happy Teacher’s Day to all of us”.