Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine organized an urgent delivery of 200 sets of bed linen, 50 medical uniforms, 100 hand towels and 75 Plastic Disposable Medical Sharps Containers, for needle/medical waste, to the Institute for Occupational Health in the COVID Hospital system for treatment of patients with are positive with coronavirus.

This significant donation was provided by the Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine, and was a prompt response to a request from the Institute for Occupational Health.

Prof. Dr Aleksandar Milovanovic, Director of the Institute for Occupational Health thanked HRH Crown Princess Katherine for the donation and for the support.

“Doctors and nurses risk their lives to save ours, so we have to help them now when they ask for support. They are our heroes. We are very thankful to our people who live in Chicago, who didn’t forget us during these difficult times and who sent help to our country and our hospitals”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.