Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and Chicago Lifeline Humanitarian Organization thanks Pittsburgh/tri-state committee for their donation of equipment to Nis and Rekovac hospitals in an effort to combat the global pandemic afflicting lives everywhere.

This valuable donation consisted of a patient monitor, an electric powered aspirator, two (2) laryngoscopes sets and five (5) portable pulse oximeters. According to Prof. Dr. Radmilo Jankovic, Director, Clinic for Anesthesia, Clinical Center in Nis, this medical equipment of critical importance for the pediatric intensive care unit treating children who have tested positive for COVID 19. Accepting the donation were Prof. Dr. Andjelka Slavkovic, Assistant to the General Director for child health issues and Prof. Dr. Dejan Novakovic, Assistant Director,  Clinic for Anesthesia. Both expressed their profuse gratitude and appreciation to the  HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and  Chicago Lifeline Humanitarian Organization jointly with the Pittsburgh/Tri-State Committee for recognizing the importance of helping when help is most needed, and for the quick response.

Medical and personal protective supplies were delivered to the Health Center in Rekovac, Rekovac municipality, located in the Pomoravlje District of central Serbia. On behalf of the medical staff, selflessly and bravely combatting this deadly virus, Dr. Aleksandar Djordjevic, President of the Rekovac Municipality and Mrs. Maja Vulovic, Director of the Health Center Rekovac, expressed their gratitude.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine, Chicago Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, in partnership with  the Pittsburgh/Tri-State Committee would like  to take this opportunity to express their gratitude and thanks to Lt. Colonel John Cappello, President of The Halyard Mission Foundation, for his assistance with this humanitarian effort.