HRH Crown Prince Alexander is very happy that hundreds of people took the opportunity to visit the Royal Compound during the previous two days, on the occasion of marking the World Day of Tourism in Serbia.

This event was performed in cooperation and at the initiative of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications, while respecting anti-pandemic measurements.

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine are always very happy when people from Serbia and all over the world come to visit the Royal Compound. It is especially because one of Crown Prince’s first decisions, when the Royal Family came back to Serbia in 2001, was to open the gates of the Royal Compound to the visitors, to make it possible for the people of Serbia and the world to see and enjoy this beautiful site, after decades of being “forbidden city” that only a selected few could see.

Many very important people from all over the world had the opportunity to have their first impression about Serbia at the Royal Compound where they were hosted by the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess. From firsthand, they could see how beautiful our country is and the great potential the people of Serbia have.

Their Royal Highnesses express their hope that all the visitors enjoyed the tours and had a chance to go back to the times of Kings and Queens, and directly be in contact with the glorious history of our country.