ArtLink Association of artists held a gala dinner at the White Palace last night, which had a humanitarian character. The occasion was a successful festival of young talents “Cities and Artists for Nature”, which was organized in cooperation between the Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Education and Culture and the Art Link Association.

The Festival lasted from 15 June to 11 September this year, it was organized in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Golubac and Pirot, and it gathered a large number of already recognized artists, but also those who are just beginning their careers. Besides promotion of culture, part of the activities on the festival was dedicated to educating young people on the topic of nature conservation and recycling.

“By organizing this festival, you have given these young people a chance to begin their journey more easily in their pursuit of the highest achievements of culture and art, and I am certain that in the future we will hear about many of them. Also, you gave the opportunity to many fans of the highest quality music art in Serbia to enjoy the performances of our and foreign performers.

I am extremely glad that the cooperation between my Foundation for Education and Culture and the Art Link Association of Young Artists has begun, and I sincerely believe that this is only the first step in our future joint work, which I am certain will be long and extremely successful. Every kind of support for young people is always welcome and much needed. With its perennial work, my Foundation preserves the tradition of my ancestors and carries my personal vision – to provide quality education for the youth of Serbia to achieve personal development, successful career, and personal fulfillment”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

ArtLink is an association of artists, set up in 2004 in order to recognize and bring together efforts of young artists of different artistic expression, as well as renowned ones, with a shared idea to create and act upon a new, modern vision, aiming to promote the most interesting, valuable, original and authentic art forms of the Western Balkan region.