Dr Mirjana Sijacic-Nikolic, associate professor at the Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University

Born in 1968 in Belgrade. Graduated from Primary and Secondary school in Sombor. Graduated from the Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University in 1991. In 1995 successfully defended master’s thesis “Estimation of Genetic Potential Eight Backgrounds of Juniper (Picea Abies/L/Karst) from Test Culture in Ivanjica”. She defended her doctor’s thesis “Analysis of Genetic Potential Generative Seed Plantation of Spruce (Picea omorika /Panč./ Purkyne) through Controlled Hybridization of Family Species” in February 2001.

She was chosen in 1992 as temporary professor assistant and then in 1992 as full time assistant professor for the course Genetics with Crop Improvement. She was chosen as associate professor at the same course in 2007. In the process of forming study plans and programmes according to Bologna Process, Dr. Mirjana Sijacic-Nikolic suggested the introduction of new course: Conservation and Controlled Usage of Forest Genetic Resources that was accepted in graduate studies programme of the Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University. She was co-author of subsidiary textbook “Practicum for Genetics with Crop Improvement” for the Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University and University of Banja Luka, co-author of “Preparation Exam Textbook for Passing Qualification Tests for Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University.”

She participated in numerous committees for obtaining masters’ and doctors’ degrees.

She published, as author or co-author, 34 scientific studies. She presented 63 researches at local and international symposiums. She participated in many scientific and research projects and was coordinator of two of them. She was quoted 17 times in master’s thesis, doctor’s dissertations, original scientific works and university textbooks.

Her specialization in biotechnological laboratory of Corn Institute “Zemun Polje” in Belgrade was published in 1999. She participated in the international course «Conservation and management of forest genetic resources in Eastern Europe« in Austria and «Training Workshop on Forest Biodiversity« in Russia in organization of IPGR, CGIAR и BFW.

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