Serbia marks 22 April as the Remembrance Day for the victims of the Holocaust, genocide, and other victims of fascism. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander addressed the public with this message:

“On this day, which is dedicated to the memory of Serbs, Jews and Roma who died in mass crimes during the Second World War, we remember the terrible death camps and the millions of innocent people who lost their lives. We will never forget Jasenovac, Staro Sajmiste, Banjica and all the concentration camps in the occupied Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Nazi creation of the Independent State of Croatia.

The frightening plan of destroying the entire Jewish population, but also members of other nations, obliges us to constantly educate young people, to acquaint them with the scale of these terrible crimes and one of destructive ideology. Together we must oppose hate speech, intolerance, all forms of discrimination and all kinds of prejudice.

The memory of these dark events and the millions of victims obliges us to build a society of free and equal people, in which anti-fascist values ​​will have a special place”, said Crown Prince Alexander.