The distribution of Christmas gifts, provided by The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation to various institutions for children throughout Serbia and Republika Srpska, was completed today. Thanks to Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago and other donors and benefactors, more than 1000 children in 32 institutions (orphanages, safe houses, and daycare centers for children with special needs) received their Christmas presents in time for the holidays.

During the previous days, the children were delighted to receive gifts in Children’s Homes in Belgrade, Pancevo, Kragujevac, Sombor, Subotica, Novi Sad, Aleksinac, Bela Crkva, Trstenik, Vrnjacka Banja, Kosovo and Metohija, Banja Luka, Laktasi, Bijeljina, and Milino Selo. The children received clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, sweets, and personal hygiene items.

The basic necessities for food preparation (such as flour, pasta, and lentils, etc.) were also donated to the Children’s Homes.

Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine, has selflessly assisted children for more than 25 years. Like every year, numerous donors joined the fundraising campaign for Christmas gifts.

The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation expresses much gratitude to Lifeline Chicago, Lifeline New York and Raymond Nicolet Trust, the Embassies in Serbia of Malta, Myanmar, Korea, Croatia, Finland, Kuwait, and Italy, companies Zitopromet – Mlin ad, L’Oreal Serbia, Atlantic Group, Concern Bambi, Veropoulos, Universal Logistic D.O.O., and to Daniela Celikovic, Ivana Mihaljevic, as well as to all who helped the children.

The annual Christmas Party for the children, hosted at The White Palace, had to be cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Their Royal Highnesses made certain that the gifts were personally delivered to the children at their Homes throughout Serbia and Republika Srpska, to ensure that this holiday season was filled with joy and blessings for them.

The smiles and happiness of the children are the greatest rewards for all those who support The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation.