43 x 58 cm
Inv. No. 184/01

Provenance – first recorded in the CPR inventory book for 1970.
In the post-war period Gvozdenovic chose a firmer structure of painting and a more defined system of lines and masses sp that his works became better defined with firmly organized surfaces. Only in his watercolours and gouaches one can find an echo of the previous period, although the colours are more intensive.
The Girl in Interior shows a girl in the artist’s studio. She is in the centre of the composition, standing amidst paintings, obviously Gvozdenovic’s works. Although this is a watercolour, the artist took great care of details such as parts of female clothing, representations on the surrounding pictures, elements of the interior.

Source text: B. Crvenkovic, Catalogue of the Art Collection in the Royal Compound in Dedinje II, Yugoslav art, Platoneum, Novi Sad 2014