His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander hosted today children from the primary school “Jovan Ducic” who performed a play named “Vuk Karadzic” for orphaned children, in the presence of Her Excellency Ambassador Ms Julia Feeney of Australia. The play was organized by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Foundation and Australian Embassy in Belgrade.

“I am very happy that you are my guests here. My wife, Princess Katherine, extends her warmest greetings to you. She is not with us today, but you know that her love and her thoughts are always with you. The White Palace is your home as well, and we meet here often. I am certain that you will enjoy the play by your friends from „JOVAN DUČIĆ“ primary school. My wife Crown Princess Katherine and I look forward to seeing you on January 5 at the traditional Christmas reception that we organize for you every year. I would like to thank especially Her Excellency Ms Feeney for organizing this play you are about to enjoy”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

27 children from the primary school “Jovan Ducic”, IV grade, came today to the White Palace to make their friends from orphanages smile and happy. The play was watched by 67 toddlers and 13 teachers from 3 orphanages: “J. J. Zmaj”, “Mosa Pijade”, and “Drinka Pavlovic”, and the shelter “Carobni Svet”. After the play Ms Feeney gladdened the children with presents and cupcakes.

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