The promotion of books about members of the Royal Family Karađorđević by “Narodno delo” Publishing House from Belgrade was held today at the Royal Palace in the presence of HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

The promotion was also attended by members of the Crown Council: Mr. Predrag Marković, Mr. Darko Spasić, and Mr. Zoran Živanović, and Mr. Dušan Babac, member of the Privy Council, was one of the authors who presented tonight.

His Royal Highness opened the event with a welcoming speech, expressing his gratitude to the authors and publisher saying: “the books presented here today are important for keeping the memory of my ancestors and the history of our people, which indivisible part members of the Karadjordjevic family were. For a too long time, it was forbidden to even mention the name of my family in Serbia, unless it was part of negative propaganda.

These days are behind us, and we are now talking about the truth and the facts. I am not saying only as their descendant, but as a member of our nation, the contributions of our nation’s leaders from my family to the people and our country were of great significance and deserve to be remembered.”

After Crown Prince’s address, the authors introduced their books to the audience. The titles that were presented today are: “Peter I, King Liberator”, and “Alexander I, the Knightly King”, whose author is Mr. Dušan Babac, a member of the Privy Council, “The Prince in the shadow of history, Alexander Karađorđević”, author Nebojša Jovanović, and “Prince Arsenije Karadjordjević, The Forgotten Karađorđevićs”, by Siniša Ljepojević.