Commemoration for the innocent victims of the communistic regime in Belgrade was held today in front of the King’s Fountain in Lisiciji potok, with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia. Mr. Predrag Markovic, Member of the Crown Council, attended the event as an envoy of HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

The commemoration was also attended by Mr. Goran Vesic, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Mr. Andrija Mladenovic, assistant Mayor of Belgrade representatives of the Army of Serbia, envoys of His Holiness the Patriarch, members of the Association “In the name of the people – for free Serbia”, Kingdom of Serbia Association, which is under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander” and citizens of Belgrade.

“77 years have passed since, I will say it directly, without any hesitation, the brutal murder of innocent civilians, citizens of Belgrade. These killings, which started after October 20th, 1944, were committed by the new revolutionary authorities who took over power in Yugoslavia after World War II.

Blinded with hate towards every person who did not think the same as they did, communists committed this terrible crime, killing people whose only “guilt” was that they were open-minded, wanted to live in a free, regulated state, and did not want to obey the new, non-democratic form of government that was forced onto our country. They were proclaimed to be guilty without trial, without even the possibility to defend themselves. But one could ask if there even were trials, would the outcome be any different? Because it is very well known how the court processes that were led by the communists ended for the people who were loyal to the values of democracy and freedom.

So today, in front of the fountain dedicated to my grandfather, HM King Alexander I, where the earthly remains of several thousands of these mortars lay, we should all remember their sacrifice, and send our prayers for them to our Lord and Savior. And also, to send a powerful message, that these crimes are not and never will be forgotten. Also, we all must do everything possible to make sure that the remembrance of this madness will remain forever present so that crimes like this are never repeated.

Because of that, I am very grateful to Dr. Srdjan Cvetkovic, members of Association In the name of the people – For free Serbia, Kingdom of Serbia Association, and all other people who have done so much for these innocent people, who lie here, not to be forgotten, and that the place of their eternal rest becomes worthy and appropriate, as a place of grieving and remembrance. I strongly support your initiative for this site to become a true Memorial Complex and all your efforts for the truth to prevail”, stated Crown Prince Alexander.

Lisičiji potok is the largest execution site in Belgrade after the Second World War. For now, Belgrade and Serbia do not have a single memorial to cultivate a culture of remembering the innocent victims of the communist regime. Today, almost everyone admits that there were innocent victims, and the courts rehabilitated about 5,000 people at the request of their descendants, including many whose fathers were killed right next to King’s Fountain. The state commission for secret graves of those killed after September 12, 1944, based on incomplete OZNA (communistic secret police) documentation, listed the names of over 3,500 killed citizens of Belgrade. It is estimated that the number of people killed in Belgrade is almost twice as high. The project includes the renovation and restoration of the ruined King’s Fountain (1936) and a park with flowers and greenery and benches from the time before the Second World War. At the same time, the idea is to erect a monument dedicated to all innocent people shot without trial in Lisičiji potok (but also in other places in Serbia) in the autumn of 1944 by the communist regime.