Crown Princess Katherine Foundation together with L’Oréal Balkan company provided 2,000 dry hand sanitizers and 1,000 surgical face masks for students in 8 schools across Serbia. A very significant donation in the amount of 4,000 euros was distributed to the students on the day when the school celebrate Patrons saint’s day, St. Sava.

“The health of our children comes first, and the basic precondition for preventing spread of the pandemic is proper and regular hand disinfection. By preventive use of disinfectants, children in schools throughout Serbia will stay healthy, and their environment will be safe and secure,” said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

This donation is part of a large international solidarity program of the L’Oréal Group that was launched in support of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“Through such actions of solidarity, L’Oréal also expresses its gratitude, recognition and support to all those who show exceptional courage and selflessness in coping with this situation in Serbia and around the world”, said Vanja Panajotova, General Manager of L’Oréal Adria-Balkan region.

Dry hand sanitizers were given to primary schools for visually impaired students from Belgrade, five primary schools in the municipality of Topola (Topola, Belosavci, Natalinci, Gornja Trnava, Donja Satornja), as well as two schools from Kosovo and Metohija (primary schools in Ranilug and Veliko Ropotovo).

Previously, the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and L’Oréal Balkan company, as an urgent response to the needs of students, their parents and educators, donated dry hand sanitizers to more than 3 000 students in 10 schools in Serbia.