HRH Crown Prince Alexander was the guest of honour at the online symposium on the occasion of the 110th Anniversary of the first Serbian feature film “The Life and Deeds of the Immortal Supreme Leader Karadjordje”, which was organized by Liberating Cinema charitable organisation and its Founder, Director and Head of Programming, Mr. Mina Radovic on Saturday, 23 October 2021.

The Crown Prince, as the guest of honour, opened the conference and spoke about the history of the Royal family Karadjordjevic, its tradition, and the founder of the Dynasty, Supreme Leader Karadjordje. His Highness also answered the questions of the attendees, who were very interested to hear more about the Karadjordjevic Dynasty directly from the Head of the Royal Family.

“It is very interesting that my ancestors were in some way, involved in the birth of cinematography of Serbia – the first documentary movie, not only in Serbia but on Balkan peninsula, was “The Coronation of King Peter I”, made in 1904, which showed my great-grandfather’s crowning. And, as we will hear at this conference, the first Serbian feature film was dedicated to the founder of the dynasty – Karadjordje.

I am very grateful to Mr. Radovic for organizing this symposium, and for all attendees, for their contribution to keep the memory of the birth of the seventh art in our country. Cherishing our history is important, in every aspect of it, and remembering the pioneers of the cinematography shows that their work is not forgotten”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

On the 23rd of October 1911, the first Serbian feature film The Life and Deeds of the Immortal Supreme Leader Karađorđe was made by “Uncle” Ilija Stanojević and premiered to audiences at the Hotel Paris in Belgrade and at the Royal Court of HM King Peter I.

“Uncle” Ilija Stanojević was a very famous actor in Serbia and later in Yugoslavia in the period before World War II.

“The Life and Deeds of the Immortal Supreme Leader Karađorđe” is a poetic portrait of the eponymous life and deeds of Supreme Leader Đorđe Petrović, better known as Karađorđe, the great leader of the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1804. We follow his life from his childhood to his death in 1817 and the historic events which he led.

Yugoslav Movie Archives provided the restoration of the film with English subtitles for this 110th-anniversary screening.

You can watch the movie on the LINK