HRH Crown Prince Alexander sends the following message on the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom, and the National Flag:

“To the citizens of Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, and all members of our nation around the world, I send my most sincere congratulations on the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom, and the National Flag!

This day carries great symbolism – it is a holiday that reminds us of the importance of respecting our most important national symbol (together with the national coat of arms and anthem), as well as the immeasurable importance of preserving unity and freedom, as the two highest ideals of our people, and it is celebrated on the very day of the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front.

My great-grandfather, King Peter the First, in June and November 1911 presented 51 regimental flags to the army of the Kingdom of Serbia. Those flags were guarded and preserved by our heroic ancestors as the greatest sacred item during all the difficult years of both the Balkan wars and the First World War. Not even one fell into the hands of the enemy. And the strength of their unity and determination to persevere through all adversities and suffering were key in winning the freedom of the enslaved homeland. Their courage and their deeds are the best role model of how we should still treat and respect our national symbols and tradition, our country, and each other today.

That is why we should remember today all those brave people who laid down their lives for the freedom and honour of the Fatherland, so that we, their descendants, could live in freedom today. To honour their sacrifices, we must all be united and work together for a better future and the progress of our beloved country. And let us all proudly and with respect rise our flag, as a timeless symbol of the freedom and unity of our people, our statehood, and our homeland!

Long live Serbia!”