World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is marked in Serbia and around the world today, 10 October. Although very important for the quality of life for patients facing life limiting diseases, as well as for their families, this type of medical care still needs to be fully implemented in Serbia.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine has long appealed for raising the awareness about the importance of palliative care. The discussion on this topic will be one of the most important at the Serbian Diaspora Nurses Conference, organized by the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation for the first time in April 2021.

In addition to raising awareness on this topic, Crown Princess Katherine contributed to the development of palliative care in Serbia through various actions. In July 2013, Crown Princess Katherine opened the first Palliative care center in Serbia “Princess Katherine Palliative care center Knez Selo” in the Clinical Center Nis. The center was opened thanks to a donation worth more than 100,000 EUR, provided by Dr. Elaine Laycock and the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation. Dr. Elaine Laycock has helped to train staff in the United Kingdom. In addition Crown Princess Katherine is actively helping the first specialized charity organization for palliative care in Serbia, BELhospice.

“Palliative care is important, but it still needs to be even more present in our country. Today’s date should raise awareness of the importance of Palliative Care Centers and palliative care in general. Every patient has the right to be helped and to have dignified treatment”, said Crown Princess Katherine.