Professor Jelena Todorovic Phd, MA, BA

Received BA in the History of Art (1993-1998) at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Continued studies for both MA and PhD at University College London (UCL – 1998-2004) where she also worked, first as a teaching assistant then later as a part-time lecturer. In 2005 she was transferred to the University of the Arts in Belgrade where she presently teaches in the Faculty of Fine Arts as an Associate Professor.

Also remained a visiting lecturer at UCL London and holds visiting professorships at the University of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Serbia and the Universita deli Studi di Trieste in Italy. In the previous four years she has also been working as an external advisor for the Civici Musei di Storia ed Arte in Trieste.

Although an art historian by training, her interests have always been more directed towards early modern cultural history, including the broad areas of festival culture, the art and propaganda, concepts of time and transience, and the understanding of liminal spaces in the visual arts. Teaching, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, aiming to introduce the approach of cultural history and interdisciplinary which is so important both for future artists and theoreticians.

One of the important subjects of Professor Todorovic’s research, and also the topic her dissertation, is the spectacles of state and, more widely, the festival culture and performance space of early modern Europe. She has taught in this area for seven years in the Department of Scene Design at the University of the Arts, Belgrade (2001-2008). Her publications on this subject, beside a number of articles, include two books – An Orthodox Festival Book in the Habsburg Empire – Zaharija Orfelin’s Festive Greeting, Ashgate 2006; and Entitet u senci-mapiranje moći i državni spekakl u Karlovačkoj mitropoliji, Platoneum, 2010.

Professor Todorovic is currently preparing for publication her latest book “The Baroque Time” that concerns the concepts of time and transience in Baroque culture. This book aims to explain the obsession of Baroque man with the transitory nature of human existence and of life itself. It draws not only upon the field of visual arts but also of that of poetry and literature.

Research interests:

– Early modern festival culture, and universality of the spectacles of state

– The issues of time and transience

– The liminal spaces of European culture

– The utopian spaces and domains

– The culture of 18th and 19th century Trieste

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