Dusan Kovacevic: CC, SANU, Writer, BSc (Dramatic Writing department of the Theatre, Film, Radio and Television Academy of Belgrade), Recipient of numerous awards: Joakim Vujic Award, Sterija Award (several), Marin Drzic Award, Milos Crnjanski Award, Branko Copic Award (twice), also Palme d’or of the Cannes film festival (1995, for screenplay of “The Underground”), awards of the international film festivals of Valencia, Marseilles, Vienna, also in German, Czech, Slovak, Polish and other film festivals, including First prize of the Cannes Television Festival, Festival of Montreal Award (for “A Hilarious Tragedy”) in 1995 and for “Balkan Spy” at the same festival. First Chaplin Award at Vevey (for the film “Who Is Singing Out There?”). Born in 1948 in Mrdjanovac (abac). Married, father of a son and a daughter. Resides in Belgrade (Serbia, Yugoslavia).

Author of numerous plays, screenplays, TV and Radio works and books. Plays: Marathon Runners Running an Honorary Round (1973), Radovan III (1973), What Is It In a Human Being That Leads Him to Drink? (1976), Springtime in January (1977), An Outer Space Dragon (1977), A Village ‘Lumination (1978), A Collection Center (1982), A Balkan Spy (1983), St. George Killing a Dragon (1986), A Claustrophobic Comedy (1987), A Professional (1990), A Hilarious Tragedy (1991), Larry Thompson – Tragedy of a Youth (1996); Screenplays: Beasts (1976), A Special Treatment (1978), Who Is Singing Out There? (1980), Marathon Runners Running an Honorary Round (1981), A Balkan Spy (1984), A Collection Center (1990), The Underground (1995), A Hilarious Tragedy (1995); TV Dramas: The Return of a Thief (1974), A Two-Room Cafe (1975), Stardust (1976); TV Series: A Long Lasting Resting Place (13 episodes, 1973/4), A Dwelling ‘Twixt the Sky and Earth (13 episodes, 1976), There was Once a Country (6 episodes, 1996), etc. His works have been translated into 17 languages, the plays are being performed in Europe, UK and USA, by more than 100 professional theatres.

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