Svetlana Velmar Jankovic

Mrs. Svetlana Velmar-Jankovic, CC, literary awards: Isidora Sekulic Award (1969), Ivo Andric Award (1982), Mesa Selimovic Award (1991), National Library Award for Most Read Book (1992), Djordje Jovanovic Award (1994), Bora Stankovic Award (1995), NIN Award for Best Novel (1996), etc. BSc in French and Latin languages and French literature. Former Editor of the Prosveta Publishing House. Born in 1933 in Belgrade. Married, mother of a son (also an Author). Author of several published works, among them Novels: The Scar (1956), The Hole of Darkness (1990) and A Bottomless Pit (1995), Stories Dorcol (1981) and Vracar (1994), Essays The Contemporaries (1968) and The Accursed Ones (1993), etc.