Professor Milan Parivodic, PhD, lawyer

Milan Parivodic, lawyer, founder of the law firm Parivodic Lawyers specializing in foreign investment and international business and financial law. Professor of international commercial and contract law at the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) Faculty for Peace of the United Nations.

Member of the Crown Council; member of the Economic Council of the Belgrade Patriarchy, board member of the Vienna Economic Forum, member of the Atlantic Council of the United States.

Awarded the Royal Order of the Star of Karadjordje third class and the order of the White Eagle first class.

Partner at Wolf Theiss (2007-2009).

Served as Minister in the Government of Serbia: Minister Coordinator at the Ministry of Finance (2006-2007); Minister of International Economic Relations (2004-2007). Before that, he taught civil and property law at the University of Belgrade (1991-2004).

Active in the construction of the Serbian legal system: the last two laws on which he worked were the Law on Investments (2015) and the Law on mining and geology (2015).

From 2004 to 2007 conducted an extensive legislative reform: Foreign Trade Law, Mortgage Law, Arbitration Law, the Law on Restitution on Property to Churches and Other Religious Communities, the Law on Special Powers for Efficient Protection of Intellectual Property. He also wrote a draft law on denationalisation and construction land, the draft law of ownership, the project of the new law on construction and urban planning, and the draft law on industrial parks that have not been adopted. Also, Dr.

Parivodic signed CEFTA (2006). He initiated and led halfway Serbia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (2005-2007). When he came to the post of Minister in 2004, foreign direct investments in Serbia amounted to 940 million US dollars, in 2006 it amounted to $ 5.5 billion, which made Serbia a champion of investments in the Balkans. When he left the Ministry of Finance in 2007 public debt was 29% of the state budget. After 5 October 2000, he worked intensively on the modernization of our legal system and so far participated in the writing of over 10 laws and as a legal consultant to the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation and others.

He graduated in 1990 from the Law Faculty in Belgrade with an average grade 9.38. He got his master’s degree cum magna laude in the law with the thesis “The contracts for exclusive distribution”. The second master’s degree LL.M. he gained at the University College London, also from an international commercial and financial law. In 2002 at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade he received his doctorate cum magna laude, with the thesis “The franchising agreement”. He passed the judicial exam and the composition of representatives in Belgrade. He is court translator for English language. He has published two books: “The exclusive distribution rights in Yugoslavia and the European Union” (1996) and “International Franchising Law” (2003), as well as a number of smaller monographs and numerous articles in English and Serbian language. He graduated in the Fourteenth Belgrade High School. He served in the Army armoured infantry in Nis.

Married to wife Ivana. Father of Olga, Dorotea, David, Jovan and Petar. Born in Belgrade in 1966, to father Slobodan – lawyer and mother Olga – architect.

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