Prof. Dr. Nikola Moravcevic, Dr. h.c, CC, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. Professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Founder and Head of the Slavic Department (1968-81) and Vice-Chancellor (1981-988) at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Honorary Doctorate from the University of Wroclaw in Poland (1980). Founder and Editor of the American Scholarly Journal “Serbian Studies” (1980-94). Born in 1935 into a family of a Serbian Royal officer in Zagreb. Married. Resides in Chicago and Belgrade. He has authored over 200 scientific essays and reviews on topics in Russian, French and Serbian literature published in various collections of essays, encyclopedias, and the American-Canadian science journals Comparative Literature, Slavic and East European Journal, Canadian Slavic Studies, Russian Literature, Critique Drama, Drama Review, Comparative drama, World Literature Today, Studies of Comparative Literature, Europe du sud-est, Serbian and Slavic Studies Review. He is the author of the following historical novels: Albion, Albion (1994, 1998, 2004, 2009), The Light of the West – Lux Occidentalis (2003, 2008), Knight in the Age of Evil (2007, 2010), Brandenburg Concerto (2009), Time of Easter (2009), To Vienna on Faith (2010) Last Despot (2011), Radic’s Legacy (2012) and Notes on the Serbian Empire (2014). He is the author of the book of essays on the XIX and XX century Serbian and Russian literature, Selected Essays (2005). He was awarded Rastko Petrovic” Lifetime Achievement (2010). Bearer of the Serbian Order of the White Eagle 1-th degree and the Lithuanian Diplomatic Star.

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