Born on 9 October 1974. He served the Yugoslav Army in Vranje and Gnjilane 1993-1994. Graduated as the first in the generation at the Division of History, University of Belgrade School of Philosophy in 1999. Got his MA in contemporary history at the University of Bristol Division of History Studies in 2002. The second B.Sc. thesis he defended at the University of Belgrade School of Philosophy Cathedra for New Age History in 2003. Cedomir Antic studies history of international relationships of Great Britain and Serbia in the 19th and 20thcentury. He works at the Balkan Institute of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SANU).

Cedomir Antic was the chairman of the Main Board of the Students’ Protest of 1996/1997. From April 1996 to February 1998 Antic was the General Secretary of the Students’ Political Club (SPK), the first students’ party in Serbian history. Under Cedomir Antic’s presidency, SPK led the anti-elections campaign from June to December 1997, which included all political parties that later, in 2000, formed the first democratic government. In February 1998 SPK united with the Democratic Party and Cedomir Antic took position of the party’s spokesman for a year. He resigned from the position at the beginning of 1999, but remained a member. After the establishment of democracy in Serbia, Antic initiated the campaign for reestablishment of state sovereignty and establishment of national program of Serbia. In December 2002 he published his draft of the national program titled The Draft – Independent Serbia in the European Union which was accepted by G17 Plus party as its own state and national program with the title State Program for European Serbia.

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